WaylonFingers & Friends LIVE Rialto Theater Akron Ohio

Rialto Theater Akron Ohio

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First off you are awesome! Thank you for stopping by, I'm building an audience and I want you! Tell everybody else you know about Waylon Fingers!

I’m playing a Rufus Thames 37 D-18 built in 2020 #3

When Waylon Fingers met Billy Strings

I was fortunate enough to catch Billy, walking down the hallway. He’s the most humble and kind human being I have ever met. I told him how I’ve been following him since I’ve been clean and that when I saw him flat picking the guitar. I said I want to play like that. He said that that was effing awesome I couldn’t believe it, you don’t get to meet your flat picking idol every day

Taken at the SPBGMA 2023

Noteable Nashville

This right here is the main council where everything happens or all the mixing goes down and editing in the rooms are to the right of us that we recording

This is a photo of noteable studios in Nashville Tennessee. I was fortunate enough to be able to go down there and record and rub elbows with some industry professionals. Thank God they welcomed me with open arms, warm open arms and I can’t wait to get back down there.

Waylon Fingers, Jason Gainer, Shane Kimble@ -noteable studios

Waylon and his martin

Love it

this is a stock photo of me and my guitar that I edited in my iPad.

Solo performer who flatpicks the six string guitar. My past bands were NEO-TRIP , Head Lettuce, The Brothers Herb. Today I play"I play bluegrass, traditional, old time, Irish, country, as well as my own compositions." "My ability to play guitar came natural as it's the earliest memory of life that I have." "I'm self-taught musician who learned my right hand technique from Winfield National Flatpicking champion Andy Hatfield. I'm also recovered heroin addict and clean off narcotics for 2 and 1/2 years as of 2022." 

I've lost my sister and many friends due to heroin addiction." "10/29/2019 is my clean date!"  "We beat an addiction together!" "When I say we I mean  my girlfriend and I,  we did it together against All odds!  I'm here to help people who are struggling with, or just want to hear good music or positive message." "I share my life experiences through the music." "If I can do it!"  "You can do it trust me I was bad off, if you want something bad enough you will make the change!"


"I want to be a positive influence in this negative hateful world we live in!" Based out of Cleveland, Ohio!

January 2023 I’ll be in Nashville Tennessee, recording my first 

we have wheels, coming to a town near YOU!


update: Nashville was a success , I met Billy Strings @ SPBGMA 2023 and we hung out.  
can’t wait to jam with him again in Cleveland this summer!